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Acacia vs Ay@hu@sc@ Part 2-The Experience

In one of our previous posts, we talked about the Sustainability differences between Sacred Acacia and Ay@hu@sc@. This week we are going to explore some of the other differences between the two plant sacraments, such as the experience itself and the visions.

What have others said?

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine who has sat in over two hundred Ay@hu@sc@ ceremonies joined us for his first Sacred Acacia Ceremony. The next day I asked him what his experience was like in comparison to the traditional brew that he is used to. He put it very nicely by saying,

"There were several times during the ceremony where the visions seemed extremely familiar, and almost identical to the visions I've received on Ay@hu@sc@. But when I tuned in a little bit deeper, I recognized that the personality of the spirit was slightly different. She is definitely a gentler experience. The body sensations were slightly different and I felt that my icaros(songs) were coming through in a different way, but still very strong and connected to spirit. I also took a lighter dose to test the waters, so Im curious what will happen next time when I go a little deeper. It was like meeting a new plant ally, and getting familiar with her. I am definitelty quite fond of her and look forward to sitting with her more."

The Sweet Little Sister

Generally speaking, Sacred Acacia tends to be a much gentler and easier experience. She is referred to the "sweet little sister" of Ay@hu@sc@. We also call her "goddess of the crystal palace," because of her beautiful, crystalline visions. Similar to the other brew, there is often purging and a sense of spiritual detoxification. She brings up suppressed memories and emotions, as well as teaches us lessons and offers us direction. She does all of the miraculous things that Ay@hu@sc@ does, but in a gentler way. Personally, I find that I can take more of this sacrament without the panic that sometimes comes with taking large doses of other plants. Her personality is sweet and playful, while at times challenging in the right type of ways. I am so grateful for all of these masterful teachers of the plant world and the unique gifts that they bring. Similar to how ever person has their own unique gifts and abilities, every plant does too!

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