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Acacia vs Ay@hu@sc@ - Sustainability Questions

Did you know that many indigenous people who use Ay@hu@sc@ traditionally are finding it increasingly more difficult to source the sacred plants that make the brew? Over-consumption of Ay@hu@sc@, driven by increased interest in the West, has made many experts question the sustainability and ethics of this practice.

Supply and Demand: With the recent public acceptance interest in these sacred plants, there has been a massive demand, resulting in over harvesting. Various groups have started planting it, however many are concerned about the possible extinction of these plants in the wild. There is also concerns that indigenous peoples have been excluded from conversations related to p$ychedel!c legalization, which is currently sweeping the West. Some feel as though these plants being harvested outside of their native land is disrespectful.

What is Sacred Acacia? At Sacred Waters we use a Sacrament which is very similar to Ay@hu@sc@, but which uses a different set of plants. These plants are both native to Asia, and are locally grown in the United Sates. Unlike Ay@hu@sc@, these plants have no cultural sensitivities in their usage and are sustainably harvested.

We will always have a deep reverence for the traditional Ay@hu@sc@ brew, and for the peoples and traditions who have carried the wisdom of working with them, but we have a very special and deep connection with the spirit of Sacred Acacia. She is also a powerful expression of Mother Earth and an extremely wise spiritual teacher, friend, and grandmother. We honor and revere Her and see that the Divine spirit of the Earth is present within her when she speaks to our hearts and minds.

How is a Sacred Acacia ceremony different?

Our ceremonies are gentle containers to connect with the spirit of Sacred Acacia and answer Life's Ultimate Questions. Members experience a range of visions and sensations, alongside powerful spiritual insights that help guide them in the direction of their Highest Selves. Although everyone experience's something unique to them, many say that Sacred Acacia is similar to Ay@hu@sc@, but more gentle and less difficult of an experience overall.

For more information on our monthly Sacred Acacia Community Retreats check out this link.

To inquire about joining our ceremonies click here.

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