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Can Sacred Plants Enhance Creativity?

I sat down in front of the Piano and started playing...My fingers felt like they were moving on their own. With the Spirit of Acacia flowing through my hands, I was simply surrendering to her melodies. I had never played anything like that before so effortlessly. From that point forward Piano was one of my favorite instruments.

As a human species, it is our nature to be creative. For centuries upon centuries, humans have been passionately dedicated to the creative arts. It is a way to connect with one another as well as with ones own self. Creativity is contagious and blissful. However, many people that I meet express that they would love to play music or create art but simply lack the skillset and the confidence to pursue it. While others are established artists, but are feeling a lack of inspiration, or some sort of writers block.

As a Space Holder at Sacred Waters Sanctuary, I have witnessed miraculous creative breakthroughs in those around me countless times, and in my own self as a musician. One participant asked the spirit of Acacia to help bring clarity and inspiration for on an upcoming Public Speech that she needed to write. Late into the night, she was suddenly struck with a lightning bolt of words. The speech felt like it was being delivered TO HER from the plants. Later in the night, after the ceremony was over she ran to her notebook and wrote down everything she remembered. The next morning in our integration circle she was so excited to share that she finally finished writing her speech. This is what we call channeling. Sometimes our overactive mind creates blockages in our creativity. Plant Medicine helps us get out of our own way, so that we have clarity on our vision. These plants have the power to create new neural pathways, and spark new ways of thinking and learning.

Another participant was entranced by the Icaros (Sacred Songs) and felt inclined to pick up a shaker. She had never played much music before but felt her hands moving on their own and tapping into the rhythm of the music. The medicine was teaching her about rhythm, allowing her to keep perfect tempo and even add improvisational fills with the shaker.

There are countless stories like this within the community, these are just a few of many. The experience that I quoted at the start of this post is my own personal breakthrough that I experienced on Acacia as a musician. I've played a lot of instruments before but struggled with the piano. Now piano has become one of my favorite instruments that I love playing in and out of ceremony! So many musicians, painters, writers and creatives that I've met within the community as well as other communities have shared similar stories. It is one of the many reasons why I love sharing these plants with others. It is so beautiful and inspiring to witness the creative growth that this work brings into people's lives.

Exciting News: We have a Sacred Acacia Musician's Summer Retreat coming up!!! Dates will be launched very soon...Stay tuned!

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