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Spiritual Awakening Through Sound

In Vedic (Ancient Indian) philosophy, Sound is a primordial current of vibration that permeates through all of creation, which the Yogis call "Naad." They say that OM (Aaaaummm) is the original sound of all creation. Similar to waves in an ocean, they believe that every sound is a unique expression, born from the ocean of OM.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration."

-Nikola Tesla

Yogis of India say that sound is a path to Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. Using sacred sounds, such as mantras, singing bowls, flutes, and other tools and techniques, we are able to overpower our overthinking mind, and create a resonance within our awareness.

With our mind focused on a specific frequency, such as the long and drawn out sound of "Auuuummm," we easily become peaceful and tranquil. Another example of Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) is the chanting of Beej Mantras.

Beej Mantras are Tantric Seed Syllables used to activate different energy centers in the body.

While visualizing a certain color associated with each Chakra (energy center,) we vibrate the Sanskrit syllable associated with that energy center, to activate and rejuvenate our Chakras.

Join us every Thursday, 8:30 am at Sacred Waters Sanctuary, for our weekly practice of meditation using Sound, Mantra and Breath. This class is great for anybody interested in learning meditation, finding peace of mind, and diving deep on a journey of Spiritual Awakening.

This Class is led by Gabaji Dev, who is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Sanskrit Mantra, Nada Yoga, Meditation and Indian Classical Music.

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