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Sat, Jul 15



Chocolate & Roses 7/15: Venus

Emancipating Cacao Dance to unleash that sexy goddess energy and manifest our heart's desires!

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Chocolate & Roses 7/15: Venus
Chocolate & Roses 7/15: Venus

Time & Location

Jul 15, 2023, 7:30 PM PDT – Jul 16, 2023, 12:00 AM PDT

Portland, Portland, OR, USA

About the event

Embody The Sexy Goddess of Love, Romance, and Sensual Pleasure!  

This month, we will be devoting our dance to the Roman Goddess, Venus!  

Venus teaches us how to embrace our desires without shame, embody confidence, self-worth, and fearless self-expression. 

She is a bold, badass Queen that goes after the things she wants and manifests her heart's desires with ease.

We will be invoking our Venus energy with a high-vibe journey featuring:

  • Ritual opening & cacao ceremony by Aria Tau and Bridgitte Bleu
  • Sacred sensuality workshop led by Andrea Thompson
  • Empowering house music dance set by DJ Tourmaline
  • Emancipating freestyle vocal channeling by Sarah Conner

Join us on July 15th, 7:30 pm - 12:00 am!


Tickets through Humanitix:

************************************ What to expect:

  • A safe and divinely feminine container for your authentic self to come alive,
  • Intentionally curated space for a low dose medicine journey,
  • Supportive facilitators and team,
  • High vibe music that leaves you inspired,
  • Closing circle and connection time.

Natural medicines welcome!

  • Plants and low-dose fungi welcome (BYOM),
  • We serve a potent brew of rose Cacao to open the heart to new experiences,
  • Ayurvedic elixirs will be available for purchase.


  • Saturday July 15th  - 7:30 pm-12:00 am
  • Doors close from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm to preserve the energy of the container (please arrive on time). 
  • Venue: Central location in SE Portland. Details will be sent out with ticket purchase through Humanitix

This is a space that is free from: 

  • Alcohol. 
  • Talking 
  • Non-consensual touch
  • Non-platonic touch/intent
  • Shoes 
  • Cellphones 
  • Judgement


Tickets through Humanitix:

Early Bird tickets $28, Regular Bird $33, Late Bird $38. BIPOC Tickets $28

Contact for work-trade options or low-income tickets.


DJ Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a badass boss babe that has taken Portland's mainstages by storm! She is a DJ, producer, and sound healer that brings forth radical expression of life's experiences on the dance floor. She has cultivated her sound by infusing her genres of interests into deep, soulful, ethereal, nu-disco-esque house and electronic music that takes you on a journey of the mind, body, and soul.

Tourmaline’s tireless passion and tenacity for her craft inspires women to have big dreams and go after their goals without fear or shame. She has produced and released music with Seattle’s heavy hitter label Late Night Munchies, among her debut and self-released EP on BandCamp.

She broadcasts her own radio show, Sonic Gardens, each month on Samewave Radio. A go-to radio series for the curated palette and lover of electronic music. Expect the unexpected with Tourmaline, a high vibe, sexy, and empowering set to unleash the energy of Venus within every one of us!

Sarah Connor (Seattle)

Sarah is a freestyle vocalist and sacred channel. She opens up portals of divine connection, bringing forth musical messages that empower, uplift, and transform. She activates connection to the higher self, allowing audiences to awaken to receive celestial guidance. Classically trained with an impressive background in music, she tapped into the flow of freestyle channeling several years back and since then has performed with the likes of Mose, and has taken the stage at Unison Festival. She is a very exciting up-and-coming artist that Sacred Waters is thrilled to premier in Portland!  

Andrea Thompson  Andrea is the founder and leader of Soul Revival, Portland's BIPOC ecstatic dance community. She is skilled at holding space for the body to unwind and open to the vitality and well-being it deserves. She facilitates workshops in sensual touch and self-care, focusing on embodiment, sensuality, and healing. 

She also works with a diverse group of clients of all genders and ages, ranging from newborns to mature adults, mainly working with uterus-having folx. She assists them in achieving healthy menses and conception, as well as aiding them through the physical changes of pregnancy. She also works with craniosacral massage.

Andrea will be leading a very special workshop focusing on getting in touch with your body, and gently asking it to open up to greater comfort, pleasure, and authentic self-expression.

Tickets through Humanitix


About Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters is a syncretic spiritual community that shifts you from healing to thriving! We do this by holding you as naturally resourceful, creative, and whole, in containers that help you to look within and remember your power, awaken and hone your gifts, amplify your abilities to manifest the life of your choosing. 

We use a combination of music, medicine, and movement as catalysts for transformation.

Our experiences are curated and led by women, intended to make our guests feel safe, protected, and held in love, compassion, radical acceptance, and respect.

Diversity is at our core. Together we are learning that we are more similar than different, and through shared experience we can move through the ups and downs of life with grace.


We are guided by the principle that a healthy body holds the key to unlocking peace of mind, and that unresolved traumas can be released through somatic modalities.

Structured approaches to healing that focus primarily on the mind are only partially effective, and result in rebounding into patterns that no longer serve us. Sacred Waters invites you to flow, to float, to surrender and to allow your own inner wisdom to light your path forward.

In a safe space held in love and acceptance, you move at your own pace, opening up step-by-step to ever more freedom of expression.

This recodes our nervous system, balances and regulates emotions and moves stuck emotions out of your body.

When you recover a sense of safety in your own body, you are able to see life's challenges with perspective. From there can find your wings and explore what it feels like to fly.​

Music, Medicine, Movement. This is the 'Beauty Way'.


Led by founder and vocal channel Aria Tau, the Sacred Waters Family is a group of musicians, creatives, healers, and medicine workers. What connects us is our shared values of service to others, deep connection with the Divine, compassion, and our authentically caring natures. 

We are committed and passionate about this work, believing that the world needs more communities that help us remember who we are and how to shine our light without fear.

Our team is on hand at our events to support you in any way, and to ensure the safety of all of our guests. We want you to feel welcome, joyful, and expansive in our company!

Tickets through Humanitix:

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