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Become A Sangha Member

What is a Sangha?

A Sangha is a Buddhist word for a spiritual community that comes together to share spiritual teachings (Dharma) and support each other's journeys.


What is the Sacred Waters Sangha 

Being part of the Sacred Waters Sangha means you are part of our beautiful and supportive community, and have the ability to participate in our spiritual ceremonies, subject to additional health screenings. You also receive other exclusive benefits (see below).

How do I become a Sangha Member? 

Sangha Membership dues are currently $33 per year. Once paid, you will be asked to complete an Application Form and attend an interview or call with a Sacred Waters representative. Once accepted, you will be notified via email and welcomed into our community, gain access to our Sangha-only Website, discord and Signal groups.

Sangha Membership



Every year

Begin your journey of spiritual expansion, healing and connect with a supportive community

Receive Invitations to Sacred Plant Ceremonies

Access our integration circles

Receive discounts to Yantra Cacao Temples and other events

Join our Discord and Signal groups

Access Sangha-only content

a community-centric, non-profit Sanctuary

The Sacred Waters Sanctuary is a registered non-profit spiritual organization.

To learn more about our ceremonies, email us or schedule a introduction call or attend one of our integration sessions on our Events page.

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