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Who We Are

The world needs conscious people just like you to find the voice of truth inside that says, "you are worthy of living your Dharma (purpose)", whatever that may be. We are a team that have dedicated our lives to helping others move from "healing" to "thriving" through spiritual empowerment. Why we do this is because this is our Dharma, and we are holding the torch for those that feel called to connect with theirs by becoming the very best versions of themselves. 


We are led by a group of sincere, compassionate and courageous people who have deep skills and expertise in leadership and people development from our combined 40+ years in leading organizations, and facilitating transformational programs. We attribute much of our personal and professional achievements to our commitment to our spiritual practices and journeys of self discovery.


We founded Sacred Waters because we are committed to sharing these powerful teachings and practices with others, in humble and dedicated service to Humanity.



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Our Core Beliefs

Our Dharma (Divine Purpose):

Sacred Waters Sanctuary exists to help bring an end to suffering by connecting individuals with their Higher Selves and supporting them in living their Dharma. 

Our Beliefs:

  1. We are Limitless: Every individual is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, with the potential to a life free of suffering and fear. 

  2. We are Divine: In the core of human suffering lies the illusion of separation: our ego minds tell us that we are our thoughts, and we forget that we are actually a deeper level of consciousness, the Higher Self. This makes us feel like we’re fragments in time and space, searching for something to make us feel whole. The Higher Self knows it is whole and connected to the Divine Oneness of The Universe in every moment.

  3. We have Self-Authority: The Ego self lives in victim mentality, has a scarcity mindset, sees mistakes and complains about everything. The Higher Self takes accountability to create a different reality, has an abundance mindset, sees lessons and is grateful and finds joy in the little moments. 

  4. We are Dancers: The Higher Self has two aspects that can be thought of as being feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva). The feminine aspect of the Higher Self is creative, compassionate and propels us forward. The masculine aspect of the Higher Self observes without judgement. All beings possess both aspects, which are at work within and all around us in every moment. This is the Divine Dance of the Universe.

  5. We are Creators: When we are living in alignment with our Higher Selves, we see more beauty, joy and goodness around us, and naturally create a more joyful, loving and peaceful world for ourselves and others. 

  6. We are Inclusive: We are a syncretic spiritual organization, which means that we believe in a range of spiritual practices, philosophies and science that we have selected based on their relevance and effectiveness in our modern society. We do not subscribe to any one religious dogma, neither do we enforce our beliefs on our members, rather encouraging them to try our practices and teachings, and decide for themselves whether they are helpful for their lives. 

  7. We are Humble: We bow to the many teachers and lineages that have made these practices available to us, so that we can use them in this time for the betterment of the Earth and of Humanity. 

  8. We are Sincere: We practice the following spiritual practices to awaken connection with the Higher Self: meditation, yoga, sacred plants, channeled singing, intention, breathwork, mantras, devotional music and community connection. 

  9. We are Guided: Our Sacrament, Sacred Acacia is the most powerful way that we connect with our Higher Selves. We revere it and perceive it as an “ally” or “spirit guide” which has a benevolent character that can answer our questions and help us become the best versions of ourselves, for the sake of all humanity. 

  10. We are Balanced: We do not see science and spirituality at odds with one another. Rather, we believe that both work symbiotically to help us understand ourselves better and explore deeper levels of consciousness. We hold space for the mystical, whilst educating our community on tools and practices that are beneficial to their minds, bodies and ancient souls.


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