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​1. Yoga means Union

We believe that the source of all suffering in our modern age is the illusion that we are disconnected from each other, and from the natural world. At our core, all beings desire to feel seen, accepted and loved. When we shatter the illusion of separation and awaken to the profound mystery of existence, we open to experiencing Divine Love, Pure Cosmic Consciousness and Bliss. 

2. Rite of Passage through Sacrament

In a modern world where capitalism is destroying the planet, there has never been a greater need for us to look within and discover our Dharma (our True Path). We consume a DMT-containing Sacrament called 'Sacred Acacia' as part of a religious ceremony because of its unparalleled ability to help us discover our Dharma and accelerate our progress on the Spiritual Path. 


3. Compassion, Self-Acceptance, Self-Authority

Sacred Acacia is a Sacrament that opens the heart to greater compassion and connection with all beings. It helps us to acknowledge and appreciate our unique strengths and gifts (self-acceptance) and empowers us to self-heal and begin to walk our True Path with courage and resilience (self-authority). By fully embracing Compassion, Self-Acceptance and Self-Authority, we can fulfill our Destiny and Dharma.

4. Syncretic Spiritual Practice

As humans living in the Age of Aquarius, faced with enormous global challenges, we acknowledge that we have access to a wealth of global teachings like never before. We call upon all of the wisdom, philosophies and scientific technologies that are useful to accelerating our Spiritual Growth. We honor all of the teachers and Maestras, Maestros, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gurus and Wise Women /Men who have brought us this far. 

5. Self-Leadership through Clarity of Vision and Focused Attention

We believe that through the dissolution of ego (superiority) and identity (separateness) comes liberation from scarcity and loneliness. Our Sacrament gives us clarity on our Vision for our lives. It also enlightens us to our innate abundance to create and achieve our heart's desires. Combined with our spiritual practices, we are able to align our mental, physical, spiritual and life-force energies with our Vision to manifest Beauty and Truth (Dharma).

6. Safe and Sacred Containers

Our ceremonies are presided over by trained and experienced Ministers i.e. "Maestrxs" (Maestras/Maestros). The Maestrx role is to create a safe, spiritual container for the journey with the Sacrament. The Maestrixs and ceremonial musicians and assistants (called "Angels") hold space with compassion for members to experience the Divine Wisdom of the Sacrament without judgement.

7. Singing and Music for Prayer and Spiritual Activation

The Maestrixs sing special songs called "Icaros". We believe that this type of singing activates and directs the spiritual energy of the Sacrament. We perform sacred songs in 20+ languages including channeled "Light Language"


8. Community & Integration

We believe that being a part of a supportive community to hold us through the ups and downs of life is an essential part of thriving as a human being. We encourage our members to participate in the group and 1:1 integration offerings we provide to accelerate their Spiritual Growth.  


9. Service to the Divine 

We delight in Service to the Divine, which manifests as service to others, helping them discover their gifts and gently guiding them on their Spiritual Paths of awakening and ascension. We delight in service to the Earth: Her Waters, Winds, Fires, and Soils, and to the plants, birds, animals and creatures that are part of our extended family.

10. Entheogenic Sacraments are a Natural Right

Our Sacrament is composed of naturally-occurring plants that have distinct spiritual qualities which are essential to us understanding our oneness with nature. We believe that it is the natural right of all beings to consume the plants of this Earth and commune with the Divine in ways that are natural. We honor the ways of our shamanic ancestors who sang, danced and sipped from the Sacred Waters of Life.


To help our community discover their dharma and walk their true paths

A healthy planet where all beings live happy and free


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