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There is a lot to be said about the experience of being a part of a Sacred Acacia ceremony. I could wax poetic about the beautiful and sacred container that is set, the astringent Sacrament and the divine channeled songs. I could tell you about all of the purging of grief, the tears of surrender, and how our hearts are blown open to experience a love like nothing before. We could speak of the waterfalls of cosmic giggles that cascade through the dark ceremonial space, and the overwhelming sense of relief that comes when we finally realize that we are not alone in our struggle.

Although most who come to our Sanctuary to sit with Sacred Acacia recount fantastical stories of their journeys into the Palace of the Divine Goddess, the REAL jewel that our Sacrament has to offer is revealed only during the integration process. That is, in the days, weeks and months after the ceremony is over.


Integration is the process of reflecting on the visions and insights that you've experienced in your ceremony, and gaining a deeper understanding of why they came to you at this point in your life. Its the process of exploring the messages you've received, and translating them into things that you can actually do that make a positive difference in your life.

Let me share a story:

In 2021, I hosted four Aya ceremonies for my mother, who has severe PTSD. She recounted that during our first journey together, she was offered "the golden egg".

By whom? It wasn't important.

During our integration conversations, we found that what was important to her was that she was being offered something truly valuable, AND that she actually had to do something to receive this gift it: she had to reach out, and take it!

Through a series of powerful and introspective questions, I gently guided her to reflect on what the golden egg represented for her, and what the act of reaching out and taking it meant for her path in life?

One interpretation that she self-originated, was that the egg symbolized forgiveness and letting go of the past. We talked about how it is up to us to apply the medicine of forgiveness into our own wounds in order to heal, and about how she'd like to apply this in her life.

Another interpretation we came up with was that the act of taking the egg symbolized her activating her own self-authority. We discussed how in recognizing her self-worth and personal power, she could take ownership of her own joy and choose to create from circumstance, vs simply reacting to it.

A third interpretation that came up, was that taking the egg represents allowing ourselves to relax, smell the roses and release attachment to things being perfect. In life there are a million problems that we can see if we look for them. If we look for beauty, all we will see is beauty.

In this intentional process, my mother deepened her understanding of her journey, and made the connection between her intentions for the ceremony, and the answers she was given by the spirit of Ayahuasca. From this place, we helped her originate a set of goals for how she'd like to approach situations that had been difficult in the past, in a new light, and with the golden egg leading the way!


No two integration journeys are the same. Integration could take days, weeks and even years. Some of the most profoundly difficult journeys I've experienced have led to breakthrough transformations in my life, although the truth of that only became clear over a year after the journey.

What many don't realize is that Sacred Acacia is not going to make you a whole new version of yourself tomorrow. Getting a diploma in architecture doesn't mean you can design a skyscraper, but it will give you the basic tools to be able to start your career, and one day, if you work diligently, you will build your skyscraper.

Similarly, Sacred Acacia wraps us in her lotus arms and teaches us profoundly important lessons. As she starts to unfurl her petals in the days and weeks after the ceremony, its up to you to start applying those lessons. The sooner you begin applying the lessons, the more likely they will result in sustained positive shifts. The more you sustain these new daily practices, the higher the chances of you having a breakthrough transformation.

Once again, no two journeys are alike, and this can differ greatly from person to person, however, its useful to our human brains to organize a process into stages. The timeframes I've given and the guidance for each stage are based on my 100+ sacred plant ceremonies and 10+ years of personal p$ychedelic integration. You might find this helpful too.


  1. The Lotus Womb (0-3 days post-ceremony): the period immediately after the ceremony, when the wisdom of the Sacred Acacia is still accessible to your body, mind and spirit. You may feel tender, open-hearted, feeling everything. You will still be receiving clear messages from Sacred Acacia, and its important that you stay quiet and continue to listen.

  2. The Lotus Petals Unfurling (3 days - 6 weeks): you feel grounded, clear, inspired and connected to all things. It may feel as if you are being divinely guided to navigate challenging circumstances with more grace, and take positive actions in your life in alignment with your Higher Self.

  3. Trusting the Golden Egg to Guide You (6 weeks+ post ceremony): the guidance has faded and you are left with the tools that you've learned and integrated during phases 1 and 2. You start running into triggering people and situations that give you the opportunity to replay old stories and patterns. Will you return to old patterns, or will you learn to trust the wise and ancient voice of truth within you to lead the way?


Many, many people who have spent thousands of dollars and have taken time out of their busy schedules to travel and sit with sacred medicines report later that they are right back in the same rut they started in, despite the clarity they found in the first few weeks.

For me, it has also been like this. When I create the space for myself before AND after the ceremony to get quiet, reflect, write and create, that is when I feel like I have fully embraced the benefit of this work.

The work never ends. Whether that looks like saying your positive affirmations in the mirror in the morning or getting up to do your morning yoga and meditation offering, or setting clear boundaries with loved ones, the more you put in, the more you get out.


For those committed to their integration journey, profound Breakthrough Transformation is quite possible in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of backsliding and the most benefit to your life and purpose.

We offer supportive and transformational integration programs and ceremonial preparation programs for those who are ready to take the pen and author their own life's story.

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