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Sacred Plant ceremonies

Connect with Sacred Plant allies &
Find the Answers You have been Searching for

Our Sacrament: Sacred Acacia

Sacred Acacia, "The Beautiful One", is a extraction made from two Asian-origin plants with powerful spiritual and visionary properties. Journeys with this plant medicine are approximately 4-6 hours long and are profoundly transformative. Its a master teacher that connects you with Divine wisdom to gives you answers to Life's Ultimate Questions.

Image by Heather Mount
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Safe, Accessible Ceremonial Retreats

Our ceremonies are intimate gatherings (5-7 guests) held in a tranquil & convenient location in SE Portland. We host 2-day and 3-day retreats with accommodation, breakfast and preparation / integration included. We work on a donation basis: suggested donations $350-$450 with scholarship opportunities for BIPOC.

The Experience

When connecting with this Sacrament, you may experience vivid visions and intuitive guidance. Common experiences include "ego-death", deep connection with the Divine, releasing of blocked energy, healing of generational trauma, heart-opening and feelings of wholeness and a deeper sense of connection.


Music Medicine

We perform live music throughout our ceremonies offered by our Angels team of dedicated and highly-skilled medicine musicians. The music activates and shapes the experience and is a critical part of the journey. We sing special songs, called Icaros in various languages that activate the plant allies and shape the experience. 

Integration and Community

Integration is the process of taking the guidance we receive from our journeys and translating that into meaningful changes n our lives. Our ceremonies include a group prep call and river meditation prior to the ceremony, and a group integration circle the morning after the ceremony before you leave, which serves as a highly connective experience where life-long relationships are formed.



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A Non-profit Spiritual Community

Sacred Waters Sanctuary is a registered non-profit, operating under RFRA (The Religious Freedoms Reformations Act) which protects and upholds our First Amendment Rights to pray with sacred plants as part of our spiritual 
practices. Ceremonies are led by Maestra Aria, who apprenticed in the Peruvian Amazon and California. She brings over 20 years of spiritual wisdom to our retreats, with her background in Buddhism, Yoga and Vedic philosophy.

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What is a Sangha?

A Sangha is a Buddhist word for a spiritual community that comes together to share spiritual teachings (Dharma) and support each other's journeys.


What is the Sacred Waters Sangha 

As a membership based non-profit, we have a community-centric model that helps us distribute funds more evenly and keep prices low for our diverse community of members. Your $33 annual fee gives you access to our ceremonies and spiritual practices, which are protected under the Law. 

How do I become a Sangha Member? 

Just sign up below. If you have not already had your intake interview, we will reach out to schedule one with you. You will then be able to book ceremonies and join our Discord and Signal groups.

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Modern Problems, Ancient Solutions


In today's world, our minds have never before been exposed to so much information all the time: stress from work, constant distractions on our phones, comparison with others on social media, and fear-inspiring media about the state of the world. 


For conscious people, we know that we need to make a change, but we get stuck in a state of paralysis or avoidance. 

In recent years, the emphasis on "healing" has unpacked generational trauma for us to process, whilst the post Covid19 economic conditions has kept us running like hamsters on a wheel, unable to pause and ask:

  • Why am I unable to sleep at night? 

  • Why do I fly into states of anxiety or anger?

  • When I finally do get a vacation, why can't I relax? 

  • Why are so many of my peers experiencing heart conditions in their 40's?

  • Why do I feel so unfulfilled?

  • Why am I terrified of making a change, even if I know this path is not where I want to be?



The ancient Vedic monks in India were the first in recorded history (~1750BCE) to empower people to resolve their adverse situations by de-cluttering and calming their minds.

They taught spiritual practices like meditation and chanting mantras that help us:

  • Clear the mind of being persistently disturbed by thoughts

  • Accept situations for what they are

  • Free yourself from addictive behavior

  • Make better decisions in life 

  • Have better relationships and live a healthier, more present life

In Buddhism, enlightenment is defined as the freedom from suffering. And suffering is caused by desire and ignorance: desire to have things be different to how they are today, and ignorance about how unbelievably awesome is is to be alive and conscious! 


This is a Sanskrit mantra meaning Truth, Existence, Bliss. The antidote to suffering is disidentification with your thoughts (you are not your thoughts), learning to observe your thoughts, and feeling gratitude for being alive, and the gift of being conscious or our own existence. Bliss. 


For some, a daily meditation practice is achievable, but for others, its just impossible. If you work a stressful job, experience depression, PTSD or anxiety, you may be so deep in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze that finding time to sit in silence each day to go within. Getting started is always the hardest step. 

Sacred plants, including Sacred Acacia, is an extremely helpful ally for us in this regard. 


Sacred Acacia can be perceived to be a loving but frank grandmother, who gives you direct and candid guidance because she cares about your happiness and wellbeing. Out of pure Divine love, she tells the truth that we are unable or unwilling to hear otherwise. 

Some of these are hard truths. She helps us reflect on:

  • How often we think negative thoughts about ourselves, our pasts, our parents etc.

  • How much we play the victim in our life's story

  • How much we judge ourselves for not being perfect

  • Whether those old stories or judgements are helping us


And some of these are inspiring truths. She helps us reflect on:

  • Our strengths, talents, gifts and resources

  • What new stories we can tell and what that would do for us

  • What new ways of BEING we can explore that help us FEEL better

  • How expansive, creative, beautiful and whole we really are!

These "truths" are the things that help us cut straight through the walls our egos put up to hold onto the old stories we tell. Like a knife, piercing into our deepest levels of consciousness, and allowing the light of our Highest and Best Selves to shine through. Our Higher Selves don't allow us to write ourselves as the victim in our stories. Rather, they see the positives in you and those around you, helping you to forgive, let go, and expand.

...and sometimes she also shows us bright, profound and playful images - the cosmic circus, the nature of the Universe, the interconnected nature of all of creation - reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously...


On a neuroscience level, Sacred Acacia causes neuroplasticity in our brains. This means that we are able to rewrite entrenched neutral pathways, helping us move past the old stories, behavior patterns and negative feelings that are keeping us stuck.


Sacred Waters operates on a belief system where science and spirituality are not at odds, rather, they exist in symbiotic resonance for our deeper understanding of the self, towards the benefit of our society and progress as a human family. The ancient practices that help us look within give us a helpful framework and a toolkit that help us in ceremony to navigate the experience with grace, and the guidance we receive from the Sacrament helps us unlock deeper levels of consciousness, connection with our Higher Selves and the transcendent bliss that comes from finding that God is not separate from us, but within every single cell. 

Image by Ksenia Makagonova
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