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Namaste & WELCOME TO The

For travelers on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Experience spiritual growth and divine healing with sacred plants and Eastern spiritual teachings.

For Spiritual Seekers on the Path of Self-Mastery

  • Experience Sacred Plant Connection

  • Awaken Self-Love and Divine Expression

  • Transcend Limiting Beliefs

  • Detach from Negative Cycles

  • Practice Discernment

  • Deepen Psychic Abilities

  • Connect with a Spiritual Community



We are a non-profit Spiritual Center founded to help a diverse community experience the life-changing potential of legal entheogenic ceremonies.


Sacred Acacia is a mystical plant that opens us up to mystical connection with the spiritual world. It deepens our understanding or spirituality and amplifies our spiritual practices like meditation and transcendence, allowing us to reach the benefits of the spiritual path in our modern world. Our Sacrament is ethically grown and harvested, and prepared in-house.


We believe that plant medicines hold the key to transformative change in ourselves and the world. However, they can be misused if not treated with respect within a ceremonial context. Our work with the Sacrament is always within a spiritual and ceremonial context, and is a safe and protected space to go deep within.



We teach grounding techniques such as pranayama (breath-work), meditation and yoga to establish a baseline of spiritual practices that help you navigate the mystical nature of the ceremony and accelerate your progression on the spiritual path towards self-mastery.


We are a registered non-profit church and practice our religious ceremonies under the protections of Religious Freedoms in the US.


The violin
Can forgive the past
It starts singing.
When the violin | Can stop worrying about the future
You will become | Such a drunk laughing nuisance
That God | Will then lean down
And start combing you into | His | Hair.
When the violin can forgive
Every wound caused by | Others
The heart starts

~ Hafiz, Sufi Poet ~

Why We Love Sacred Acacia

Sacred Acacia is often said to be a heart-opening, gentler and more pleasant variant of the healing tea from South America that is sometimes called "Grandmother Medicine".

Many of our guests report that they connect with a mystical and benevolent spiritual entity that they perceive as feminine, often as a wise and loving grandmother.


  • Creates a state of "ego-death"

  • Gives answers to questions we ask in our intentions

  • Illuminates us to ways we are harming ourselves or getting in our own ways

  • Reframes traumas and helps us see ourselves as survivors, not victims

  • Helps us to forgive and move on

  • Helps us grieve our losses and heal

  • Removes spiritual blockages


  • Spiritual healing: Many people who attend these retreats are looking for spiritual and intellectual insights or new understandings. These are reported to be dramatic, sometimes even “life-changing” experiences.

  • Mindfulness: Many who have sat with us report improved mindfulness, or awareness of themselves and the present moment. Some research has found that even someone using this Sacrament for the first time in a controlled setting can experience enhanced mindfulness and other mental health benefits. 

  • Mental health support: There is evidence that it can assist in treating mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression.It may also be helpful for people with PTSD.

  • Addiction treatment: Early research indicates that this Sacrament may have promise in treating individuals with substance use disorder.


SACRED ACACIA is a telescope that you can point inwards at your mind and soul to help you see yourself from a new perspective
~ Maestro Ben, SWS Board Advisor ~

"This an incredible community that provides transcendent experiences/ceremonies. The events held in this community are always safe spaces for everyone to come and be their authentic selves. All are welcome, and the atmosphere is loving and kind. Every aspect of these events is curated with intention in order to allow you to connect with your authentic nature and open your heart to the magic of life. Aria is on the leading edge of taking people from healed to thriving through these events and puts her whole heart into everything she does. She leads with passion and intuitive creativity. I highly recommend experiencing the magic of this community and watching your life shift in such a positive way as a result."

Our Model


It is important to note that we are a syncretic spiritual community. That is, we
integrate inspiration and wisdom from various religious, philosophical, and scientific traditions, and seek to develop a practice and a community that is our own.


Love, appreciation and creating beauty in the world is central to our system of
spirituality. The Beauty Way is an Andean philosophy that arises from the same
universal source of truth as all esoteric teachings: clear your heart, love deeply,
harmonize your thoughts and feelings, align your efforts to do your best, and respect the natural environment.


One way we uphold the Beauty Way is by helping each other to work with spiritual
energy, and channel it into creating beauty in the world, through song, poetry, art, movement, energy work, & conscious entrepreneurship. This takes shape after / between ceremonies, through our integration offerings.


We strongly believe that most of the healing you will find from our Sacrament comes AFTER the ceremony. In the days, weeks and months following your ceremony, you will benefit from spiritual practices and integration activities like group singing, art therapy, yoga and meditation. We offer a range of integration classes for our members to continue on their spiritual path to holistic healing.

We also host community gatherings to connect with like-minded souls and find a community that supports you through the ups and downs of life.


Due to the nature of our Sacrament, we thoroughly screen all members for health conditions that may be contraindicated for this kind of experience. Our annual membership fee helps manage the costs of our confidential screening process and secure member portals.



On a 60-min Intro Call, you will meet Maestra Aria Naidoo, and have the opportunity to ask questions and determine whether a Sacred Waters Sanctuary ceremony is the right fit for you. 



Once you decide to join us, you will pay your $85 annual membership fee and will be send the screening paperwork for our admissions team to review. Members who don't meet our screening criteria will be informed with reasons given, and will be refunded their payment. 



Once you are a member, you can make reservations for ceremonies. If it is the first time you are sitting with us, you will be asked to book the Intro Package which also includes a 1-on-1 preparation call and a 1-on-1 integration call. 


Goddess Photo Session _-25.jpg

Meet Maestra Aria

Hello Divine Soul!

It warms my heart that you have found us and that you feel called to work with the beautiful plant spirit of Sacred Acacia.

Yoga means Union. Union with others, union with the Earth, union with the Universe, and most importantly, union with the Self. Yoga is so much more than asana (posture). It is a way of life that illuminates our true selves (Dharma) through spiritual wisdom.

I founded Sacred Waters to bring together two beautiful lineages that have changed my life: Yoga and Shamanism. The practices and philosophies from the East are perfectly complimented and even deepened by the mystical experiences of shamanic plant medicines.


In ceremony, we are able to attain the highest levels of consciousness and transcendence, which are discussed in the Vedas (ancient Hindu texts). We are able to achieve more peace, joy and love within, which helps us to manifest a more peaceful, joyful and loving world around us. As within, so without.

Every day, I choose to believe that I can make a real difference in the world, and I believe that you can too. Change starts within. Find your light, and let it shine!



Maestra Aria is a shamanic healer and medicine musician trained by Maestra Olinda Cauper Canyaho (Peru), Maestro Esteban Canyaho (Peru), Maestra Janine Axmann (South Africa) and Maestro Ben Ross (California). She has a background in classical devotional world-music, and since her youth, has been a devout yogi and student of Buddhism. Prior to becoming a spiritual guide and founding SWS, she spent 15 years in corporate leadership, people development and group facilitation. She has an ICF-accredited Integration Coaching Certificate from CTI. Her integrative and holistic approach blends CTI‘s best-in-class coaching model with somatic trauma release, shamanic reiki and plant medicines.

Aria was born and raised in South Africa and has Indian ancestry. She enjoys nature, reading, tea and cacao and practices meditation and yoga daily.


Preparing for Ceremony

Intention without Expectation

What is your intention for joining a ceremony with us? Where are you feeling stuck in life? What are the areas of your life that you'd like to receive clarity on?

What would you like to heal? What would you like to manifest?


These are helpful questions to reflect on before coming to a ceremony with us. We recommend that you journal your thoughts and get clear on your intention, which may things you are aware of, and are actively working on, such as "I want to be able to meditate for at least 20 minutes per day and stay present with my family' or something as open-ended as "I am open to receiving guidance from the Spirit of the Sacrament."


Although setting an intention is crucial in guiding the experience, it is also important to go in without any expectations. Everybody has a unique journey, and the answers you seek may be delivered in an unexpected way.


The Sacred Purge

Many people miss out on the life-changing benefits of Sacred Acacia because of the fear of purging. The ceremonial purge is a very different experience to feeling ill or having too much to drink. It feels like a release of stuck energy that you didn't even know was there until its out. Most people feel instantly brighter and more present, alive and vibrant immediately after a purge. Many report that it was the most profound and helpful part of their experience.


The Dieta (diet)
At a minimum, we recommend that you avoid alcohol, meat, processed foods and orgasms and caffeine for 3-5 days before the ceremony. The reasons is that the Sacrament works spiritually on your body as well as your mind, as trauma is often stored in your body.

Our Observing the recommended diet "dieta" helps to limit stomach cramps or excessive purging, and goes a long way in ensuring you have a clearer experience, where you can focus on your intention and not the pain in your body.


Contraindicated Health Conditions and Medications

When you choose to sign up for a membership, you will receive the Confidential Health Screening forms with an extensive list of contraindicated medications and health conditions. Anyone on SSRI anti-depressants will need to consult a doctor if they plan on weaning off their medications. Certain health conditions are not safe for our ceremonies, and we will refund your membership fee if we cannot accommodate you.


Thanks for subscribing!

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