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Transform Your Life with Sacred Plant Medicine

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At Sacred Waters Sanctuary, we honor the profound spiritual and healing powers of plant medicine. Our sanctuary is a sacred space for those seeking to transform their lives, deepen their spiritual journey, and connect more fully with themselves and the divine. Through our integrative approach, which blends sacred plant medicine ceremonies, personalized coaching, and meditation practices, we provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Join our community and embark on a journey of healing, enlightenment, and lasting inner peace. Together, we can cultivate a more balanced, harmonious, and spiritually fulfilling life.

Michelle B.

"The opportunity to be held in this safe and comfortable space with intuitive facilitators, that also have magical musical talents that spoke to me deeply, is such a blessing."

Victoria D.

"This experience has been life changing! The ceremony was incredible, the music and the environment was safe, soft and comfortable. The people were heart opening and the best part has been the integration and coaching."

Jyoni T-S.

"It was executed excellently and the container felt immensely safe, which is hard to find and valuable for me as a transfemme of color. I've returned feeling moved, humbled, amazed, and hugely inspired..."


At Sacred Waters Sanctuary, our mission is to facilitate profound spiritual healing and personal transformation through the sacred practices of plant medicine. We hold deep values of compassion, self-acceptance, and service to others, believing that these virtues are pathways to connecting with the divine. Our non-profit sanctuary fosters a sacred connection with Mother Earth and the cosmos, allowing us to align with our true life purpose and flow harmoniously with nature.

Central to our practice is our sacred sacrament, the revered Acacia. This powerful plant medicine helps us uncover transformative truths, heal from within, and live in alignment with our highest selves. Through our integrative approach, blending plant medicine ceremonies, personalized coaching, and meditation, we create a nurturing environment where spiritual connection and growth flourish.

We are committed to making these life-changing spiritual ceremonies accessible to those in need. Through our community-based membership models and patron donations, we are able to offer donation-based ceremonial retreats to all. Join us and let us rise together in unity.



Experience Transformative  Spiritual Healing Experiences

At Sacred Waters Sanctuary, we offer a variety of experiences designed to nurture spiritual growth and community connection.


Ceremonial Retreats (Sangha Members Only)

Our exclusive ceremonial retreats are reserved for Sangha Members and provide a deeply immersive experience. These retreats to allow participants to connect with the spiritual essence of Mother Earth, and tune into the spiritual wisdom of the plants. In this supportive and sacred space, members can embark on a profound journey of healing and spiritual transformation, guided by our experienced facilitators.​​​

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Sunday Services 

Sangha Members gather for weekly mindfulness discourses (dhamma talks), chanting (kirtan) and meditation. We close with a hearty potluck meal! We gather to progress on the spiritual path to enlightenment, support each others journeys and connect with a like-minded community. Non-members may join one service before becoming a member.



Yantra Cacao Concerts

Yantra is our community-focused cacao concert, open to everyone. This heart-opening ceremony uses the power of cacao to foster connection and unity among participants. Through music, meditation, and communal sharing, Yantra offers a beautiful way to connect with others, celebrate life, and experience the healing energy of the community.​

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Spiritual and Healing Experiences

In addition to our core ceremonies, Sacred Waters Sanctuary hosts a variety of third-party healing events. These include sound baths, transformative workshops, and retreats, all designed to enhance your spiritual journey and personal growth.

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I really want to express gratitude to Aria and Gabriel for putting so much intention into providing healing energy work, giving us the resources to be there for ourselves, and creating a safe container for the ceremony. I'm in awe of the healing and transcendental icaros they played for the duration of both ceremonies. I could tell that the facilitators at Sacred Waters have spent a long time learning from from those who have been doing this healing work for generations. The ceremonies felt respectful to the lineages and traditions from which these ceremonies came from. Loved the additional nada yoga workshop, nature walks and song singing that were incorporated into the retreat to help us come home to ourselves.

Integrative Coaching for Holistic Wellness & Success

Coaching with Aria Rhea Naidoo

Welcome to the coaching section of Sacred Waters Sanctuary, where holistic transformation is at the heart of our mission. I’m Aria Naidoo, and for the past five years, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding professionals and individuals on their journey from healing to thriving. My approach integrates natural nootropic supplements, mindset coaching, somatic practices, and life-purpose alignment to help you live authentically and find peace with who you truly are.

Specializing in holistic transformation, I help you uncover the inspiration to create the life you’ve always dreamed of but never dared to pursue. Through our work together, you'll learn to embrace your true self, achieve balance, and unlock your fullest potential. Join me on this transformative journey and discover the path to a more vibrant, purpose-driven life.


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Membership with
Sacred Waters Sanctuary

Join our Sangha Membership and become an integral part of the Sacred Waters Sanctuary community. As a Sangha Member, you'll gain access to our transformative plant medicine ceremonies and our enriching Sunday services, meditation classes and spiritual healing education content. Embrace the journey of spiritual growth and holistic healing with us, and connect deeply with a supportive and like-minded community.

Sangha Member

Become part of our community and access our special ceremonial events and services.

Stream Supporter

Become a Member, and also support our work with a small $22 monthly donation.

River Guardian

Become a Member, and also support our work with a generous $55 monthly donation.

Ocean Patron

Help sustain our organization to help those in need by becoming a patron of our church.

Sacred Waters Sanctuary is a registered non-profit church. All donations are tax-deductible. Currently, few can afford to travel to distant lands to receive the benefits of healing plant teachers. Our ceremonial retreats are 100% donation based. Yes, read that again! With our groundbreaking community-based model, we are making life-changing plant medicines accessible to ALL who seek their wisdom. Give a little, and help us heal together.

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Sangha Members have access to additional resources including ceremonial preparation guidebooks, integration support, guided meditation recordings etc.

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Ceremonial retreats are not viewable by non-members. To inquire about upcoming ceremonial retreats, please become a Sangha Member.


Currently, only a privileged few can afford to travel to distant lands to receive the benefits of healing plant teachers. Our ceremonial retreats are 100% donation based. Your donations are crucial in making our sacred plant ceremonies accessible to all. As our ceremonies are 100% donation-based, we rely entirely on your generosity to offer these transformative experiences. Your support ensures that anyone seeking healing and spiritual growth can participate in our sacred ceremonies, regardless of their financial situation. Thank you for helping us continue this vital work.

Sacred Waters Sanctuary is a registered non-profit church. All donations are tax-deductible.

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